There are plenty of features added in the Android 11 based MIUI 12 version, compare with the Old MIUI version. MIUI 12 comes with both exclusive Xiaomi and Android 11 general features.

The company has provided a 3.5mm audio output jack, and with the help, you can use earphones or headphones on the phone. As for the power supply, the company has provided a Li-Po 5160 mAh battery capacity. To charge this phone, you can find the 33W fast charger in the box.

People who want to have a wide range of technology for their stock ROMs money seem to like Poco phones. Unlike other mid-range phones, where you must choose between a high frame rate or high-quality graphics, the Poco X3 Pro lets you crank out both.

poco x3 pro stock rom yükleme

I own devices running various OSes but my personal preference is Android as far as smartphones are concerned. My background is in engineering, statistics and supply chain. My love of computers goes back to my early teenage years. IBM, ZX Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore and BBC Micro are some of the computers that I wrote code for. Data speeds on the X3 Pro are comparable to my spare Pixel 4a. But the main issue here is that there is no support for VoLTE.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the camera performance from the Poco X3 Pro. And while the lens themselves are great, I think a lot of credit should be given to the Snapdragon 860 since it does all the heavy lifting on the processing side of things. For anyone, who hasn’t seen or used the Poco X3, here’s the breakdown of the Poco X3 Pro’s design.

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